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Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security Review

Posted on May 14, 2011

This complete security suite from Trend Micro offers fantastic protection for your system. Titanium Maximum Security 2011 lives up to its name and manages to do so without slowing you down.


There is a whole range of Titanium branded security software packages available from Trend Micro, but Titanium Maximum Security 2011 is their flagship release. Offering the same attractive blend of speed and usability as the rest of the range there are also plenty of extras available here. Real time protection from a whole host of potential threats, along with parental controls and special protection for private files adds up to a security solution that goes the extra mile.


A new install of Titanium Maximum Security 2011 is a breeze. The whole process takes just a few minutes and all you’ll be asked to do is provide some details to set up your Trend Micro account. If you have an existing account then simply enter your email address and password and the installation will be complete by the time you’ve poured yourself a fresh cup of coffee.

User Interface

Trend Micro has really focused on usability with their Titanium range and the Maximum Security package benefits from the same streamlined user interface. The aim here is ensure that the user isn’t confused or bamboozled with unnecessary options. To that end you’ll be greeted by a simple panel with a Security Summary which reports on blocked threats, a System Tuner option, the Parental Controls and your Subscription information.

Below these options you’ll find buttons to access Tools, perform a scan (Quick, Full or Custom), review Options or take a look at your Security Report. All of the icons are clear and the overall design is clean and intuitive. Even when you drill down into some of the sub menus the options are simple and well explained.


With the Maximum Security tag, you’ll be expecting a full range of features and this software will not disappoint you. Naturally, you get the standard real time protection from malware and spyware and the software will prevent any unauthorized changes to your applications.

In terms of online safety, malicious websites and suspicious links in emails or instant messages are blocked automatically. The software will also block spam email and images and it will optimize the Windows firewall. An added extra in the Titanium Maximum Security package is the ability to authenticate hotspots and Wi-Fi networks.

The Parental Controls offer a powerful oversight for concerned parents. With three preset configurations for different age groups, along with the ability to fully customize the system, you can be sure your kids are safe online. You can dictate what content is unsuitable, you can restrict access to the Internet or programs and games, and you can set up time allowances or even specific shut off times so they aren’t gaming or surfing the web into the small hours.

Some of the extras offered by Titanium Maximum Security are excellent and while you’ll find the same data theft prevention in their Internet Security package, you won’t find the ability to securely delete files or remotely lock sensitive material in the event your computer is stolen. You can also extend protection to your smartphone.

Another addition you won’t find elsewhere is the System Tuner which is capable of cleaning up the mess that previous installs and web surfing can leave behind. The ability to get rid of temporary files, browser history or cookies along with help to fix registries and ditch problematic start-up tasks can offer an improvement in your computer’s overall performance.

The final icing on the cake is provided in the form of 10GB of secure online backup space with support for syncing and sharing. Now you can have peace of mind that your most important files are protected and always within reach, even if your system should experience a catastrophic failure.


The other big selling point for Titanium Maximum Security is Trend Micro’s claim that it won’t slow you down. As soon as you run the software you’ll discover that this is no empty boast. Boot time doesn’t seem to be affected, downloading and installing programs is as quick as ever and even web surfing with all the online protection only adds a very slight delay. The spam filter also seems to be very efficient with batches of email quick to download and no legitimate messages blocked.

Thanks to the forward thinking Smart Protection Network, you benefit from a cloud structure which deals with the processing burden for you so the footprint on your system is kept to an absolute minimum.


With all the big names in the security software field offering a high standard of protection against threats, the competition has moved on. The Titanium range distinguishes itself by offering excellent usability and making incredibly low demands on your system. This is fast, minimalist and delightfully easy to use. While the other two Trend Micro offerings in the Titanium range are a bit more lightweight in terms of features the Maximum Security package offers everything you could possibly want. The beauty is that, despite the added extras, it is still easy to understand and it still runs quietly using minimal system resources. This is an excellent product and it justifies the $79.95 price tag which will get you a 1 year license for 3 computers.


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