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Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Review

Posted on May 10, 2011

One of the greatest problems facing all antivirus programs is their tendency to consume system resources. Trend Micro Titanium is an antivirus program built specifically to combat that problem while protecting your computer as well as any competitor. Does it manage, or is this too much to ask?
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The Review in a Nutshell

Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus is a basic antivirus program that focuses on using as few system resources as possible. It isn’t a comprehensive security suite, but the protection it offers is good for the price.


·    Uses few system resources
·    Offer a simple, user-friendly interface
·    Provide basic protection at a low price


·    Doesn’t offer many features beyond basic antivirus protection
·    There is still a noticeable performance hit when the program is performing a scheduled system scan

Antivirus software can feel like a catch-22 if you own an older PC or a computer that is not built for performance, such as a small laptop. You know that you need antivirus software installed, but the bulk of the typical antivirus program drags down your PC’s performance so that you don’t want to use an antivirus.

This catch-22 can also exist if you’re an average computer user. Many antivirus programs are complex. You know that you need the antivirus protection, but you don’t want it because the antivirus programs you’ve used have always confused you.

The companies that make antivirus software are not deaf to these issues. They know of their existence and are working on solutions, and one such solution is Trend Micro Titanium. This antivirus software is built from the ground up with ease of use and performance in mind. But does it really make life easier for you? Let’s find out.

Installation and Ease of Use

Trend Micro’s installer has long been one of the better in the industry, and Trend Micro Titanium is no different. During the installation process the Titanium installer will scan your system for any programs that might conflict. Components from an old antivirus program can easily conflict with a new one, so this is an important step. If any problems are found the installer will let you uninstall the conflicting software and then continue. The Titanium installer will also download any updates that are available. You will need to restart your computer to complete the installation.

The interface of Trend Micro Titanium is incredibly simple. Most antivirus programs have an interface that places numerous buttons onto the main interface window. This does provide access to a lot of information quickly, but it is also confusing. Titanium’s interface, by contrast, centers the only thing you really need to know about – your computer’s security. The security summary is always front and center and informs you of any viruses or other threats that were intercepted.

More detailed information is available, of course, by using the toolbar at the bottom of the main window. Trend Micro Titanium is set up to be a fire-and-forget solution out of the box, however, so you don’t have to adjust any settings to maintain your computer’s protection.


Trend Micro Titanium is the most basic offering in the Titanium line, but it still offers a wide range of features. The most important is the antivirus protection, which is as good as you’d expect from a company that’s been in the PC security business for twenty years. Titanium can detect and deal with a wide variety of threats including viruses, worms and spyware. A detailed security report can be brought up at any time if you’d like to view more in-depth information about your system’s protection.

Titanium also features protection against web threats. A surprising number of today’s malicious attacks take place through web pages. Some exploit web browser security flaws in order to gain access to your PC while others attempt to swipe your personal information. Titanium can detect these threats and block them even if they’re found in emails or instant messages. Titanium, like most modern antivirus software, routinely updates its threat database so that you are protected even against relatively new threats.
Although this review covers Trend Micro Titanium, the company does offer even more robust versions known as Titanium Internet Security and Titanium Maximum Security. You should check these out if you’re interested in features like parental controls, data theft protection and Wi-Fi protection.


As mentioned in the introduction, the performance of modern antivirus programs can put you in a tight spot. Most of them are a major drag on any system that isn’t more powerful than average. Titanium is specifically designed to combat that problem. Does it succeed?
According to Windows Task Manager, Trend Micro Titanium rarely uses more than 20,000kb of memory and at times dipped below 1000kb. In layman's terms, this is really gosh-darn low. That’s less than your typical Instant Messenger program uses when you’re not messaging anyone and have the program minimized.

Even if you’re using a netbook, this level of memory usage should not cause a noticeable slowdown during normal usage – in fact, Trend Micro offers a version of Titanium specifically for netbooks which would presumably be even lighter on system resources. A full system scan resulted in a minor performance hit, which is unavoidable, but quick scans were exactly as advertised – quick!

Not a Full Suite

The central complaint that can be levied against this most basic version of Trend Micro Titanium is the fact that the program only really focuses on antivirus protection. It is generally a good idea to also have a firewall, and many other modern Internet security suites offer a protection against phishing attacks and advanced data security features as well.

Because of Trend Micro Titanium’s basic nature you’ll have to take further steps to fully secure your system. There are some solid reasonably-priced firewall programs available, so you won’t necessarily have to spend a lot more to shore up this hole in your computer’s defenses. Still, it would have been nice if some basic firewall features were included.


Overall, it’s hard not to recommend Trend Micro Titanium. You may want to look elsewhere if you need a more robust feature set, as the features offered by Titanium are rather basic. Of course, this is reflected in the software’s relatively low price – and Trend Micro also offers Internet Security and Maximum Security variants of this product. You’ll love Trend Micro Titanium if you just need simple but strong protection that is easy to run and easy to understand.


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