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AVG Premium Security 2012

NEW! Active Protection. Faster PC.


      All-in-one PC Security - Antivirus, AntiSpyware, AntiSpam, & Firewall
      AntiPhishing and Identity Protection
      PC Tune Up, Monitor & Accelerator
      Social network protection
      100% Money Back Guarantee

Active protection

Keep your personal information safe while shopping, banking and social networking. Protect your movies, music, and photos from hackers and identity thieves

High-speed PC performance

Speed up your PC for the ultimate in surfing and searching. Watch all your favourite videos without annoying lags or interruptions

Ease of use

Enjoy an intuitive interface with straightforward installation and use. Play hard while award-winning threat protection works quietly in the background

Why AVG Premium Security 2012?

Speed up your PC

Enjoy a faster PC less prone to crashing and freezing.              

Advanced, proactive identity protection

Actively scours the internet for misuse of your identity.              

Speed up your web experience

Enjoy online video faster than ever before.             

Block Hackers

Essential protection for shopping and banking.             

Keep messaging free of spam, worms and scams

Keep your inbox clear of spam and safe from phishing scams.             

Free support and priority upgrades

Our mission is to provide ongoing peace of mind on a 24/7 basis.            

Stop Identity Thieves

Protects against identity threats targeting your PC.            

Award winning Anti-Virus that won’t get in your way

Protection from continually evolving threats.            

Surf, search and use Facebook safely

AVG alerts you to threats before you click.

Advanced, proactive identity protection

AVG Premium Security goes beyond tackling identity threats targeting your PC. It also actively tracks down the illegal selling and trading of your personal information, and provides reports and alerts regarding potential identity misuse.

AVG Identity Alert

AVG Identity Alert secures your online identity with industry-leading technology that scours criminal web pages, chat rooms, and bulletim boards to identify the trading or selling of your personal information online. Set up AVG Identity Alert to conduct specific searches for your email address, debit card, credit card and phone number.

AVG Identity Alert also provides reports and instant alerts regarding your identity and sends you an email if any misuse is suspected. Detailed reports can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

AVG Enhanced Firewall

The AVG Enhanced Firewall protects you from malicious attacks by examining communications on each network port. When the Firewall recognizes an intrusion attempt it will immediately block it and keep your private information safe from inbound attacks, as well as outbound attacks where malicious software takes control of your computer and attempts to cause damage to other people.

The AVG Enhanced Firewall also includes smart intrusion detection capabilities to keep your home wired or wireless networks secure.

AVG Identity Protection™

AVG Identity Protection goes way beyond the typical identity theft protection software. Not only will we keep you safe from online threats - we’re also able to see when anything potentially bad might be happening on your PC, and stop it before it can do any damage.

Speed up your PC and your web experience

Some security products slow down your PC and Internet experience, but AVG Premium Security 2012 actually speeds it up. Enjoy online video faster than ever before and a faster PC less prone to crashing and freezing.

AVG Quick Tune

AVG Quick Tune defragments your hard drive, removes junk files, eliminates broken shortcuts and repairs your Windows Registry to boost your PC’s speed and optimize its overall performance.

AVG Accelerator

AVG Accelerator maximises your computer’s connectivity to deliver content faster. It accelerates the download of binary files and minimizes the hangs and delays while watching videos on YouTube. AVG Accelerator is enabled as a default setting when you switch on.

AVG System Tools

AVG’s System Tools monitors your PC to allow you to turn off unneeded applications that auto-run at Windows start-up – plus the System Monitor option also provides information about which processes are running. Using this tool, you can make informed decisions about the trust level inside your computer and the safety of your files.

Award winning Anti-Virus that just works

Antivirus protection that automatically updates to protect you from continually evolving threats. As hackers develop new techniques, AVG’s research labs are constantly processing web data to provide new defenses to keep you automatically protected.

Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware

Our Anti-Virus technology protects you from falling victim to (or unwittingly spreading) a virus, worm, or Trojan horse. The first layer of protection is traditional anti-virus, which keeps known threats out of your system by matching them to a database.

AVG Anti-Spyware protects you from Spyware and Adware that can keep track of your personal information.

AVG Resident Shield provides an additional layer of protection by examining files for threats as they are being copied opened or saved and prevents you opening infected files.

AVG Protective Cloud Technology

Emerging threats are identified "in the cloud" and prevented from infecting your computer via AVG’s automatic updates to your anti-virus software.

AVG Community Protection Network

Information about the latest threats is collected from customers who choose to participate, enabling us to constantly identify new threats, supporting everyone in the AVG community and helping us to provide superior anti-virus protection.

Gaming and surfing without interruptions

Get on with your surfing and gaming without interference. Scans operate when you are away from your PC, and it also knows when you are gaming and ensures that the security operates in the background only, leaving you free to play.

AVG Smart Scanning

Our intelligent and lightweight smart scanning technology operates in high-priority mode while you’re away from your PC and drops into low-priority mode when you move your mouse or strike a key. AVG Smart Scanning ignores files it has scanned in the past and already knows are safe, enabling vast improvements in scan times.

Game Mode

AVG’s Game Mode provides non-stop protection during non-stop action in multi-player games like Call of Duty without annoying lags and freezes caused by scheduled updates and scans. AVG safeguards your digital profile against teams of hackers who are crawling the web, specifically looking to steal your game rewards and sell them for real money.


AVG 2012 constantly monitors your protection level and reports back to our labs team if it detects a security risk. Next to the flagged alert message you will see an Auto-Fix button -- once click resolves the problem. The Auto-Fix button in AVG 2012 will automatically correct errors and set itself back to the best protection mode.

Keep messaging free of spam, worms and scams

Keep your inbox clear of spam and also protect it from phishing scams along with the hidden viruses that they contain. AVG will also protect you when exchanging files through popular instant messaging like MSN and Yahoo.

AVG Anti-Spam

With AVG Anti-Spam, the risk of you becoming part of an online scam is greatly reduced as we regularly update our scanning databases to ensure you have the most complete protection.
Internet-based spam can contain worms and form part of a botnet – a centrally controlled hijacked computer network, which then become the source of more scams.

AVG Online Shield™

AVG Online Shield checks files before you download them and ensures online chat links are safe. It checks files against both AVG’s Scanning Engine and our own LinkScanner technology. Instant Messaging Protection also makes sure you are safe when exchanging files using ICQ, MSN and Yahoo! instant messenger.

AVG Email Scanner

AVG E-mail Scanner checks attachments and links sent in emails for threats so that they don’t arrive in your inbox and cause damage. AVG E-mail scanner works as a plug-in for email applications – including Microsoft Outlook 2010 - or as a personal e-mail scanner on accounts that use POP3 and SMTP.

Surf and search the web safely

You want to search and surf, but you don’t ever want to go to any infected websites. AVG helps you out by clearly alerting you to threats and keeping you clear of them.

LinkScanner® Search-Shield

AVG LinkScanner® shows safety ratings in your search engine results, allowing you to assess the safety of a site before you go there. Search-Shield works with Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other popular search providers, by placing a safety rating next to each link, letting you know which sites can be trusted and which are to be avoided. Sites are rated in four categories, each of which is colour-coded for easy recognition.

LinkScanner® Surf-Shield

AVG Surf-Shield actively checks web pages in real-time at the only time it matters - before you land on that page. If it detects something suspicious, it prevents you from visiting the site. Surf-Shield protects you both when you click a link to a web page and every time you enter a web address directly into your browser. In AVG 2011 we have improved LinkScanner further to give our best detection rates ever.

Share your life on Facebook, not viruses

With AVG protecting your system, you can chat and message your friends on Facebook and other social networks in the knowledge that each web page and link is checked for safety. You won’t pick up a malicious link from your friends - and you won’t send one either!

AVG Social Networking Protection

Social Networking Protection is powerful in AVG 2012 and is unique to AVG. Links that are exchanged within Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are automatically checked in real-time so that you and your friends are safe.

AVG Social Networking Protection will activate as soon as you install AVG - there’s no need to bother with cumbersome account or application settings.

Expert support from techies that care

AVG understands the need to stay safely connected to the web no matter your geographical location or time of day - our mission is to provide ongoing peace of mind on a 24/7 basis.

AVG Support

We have a team of experts that you can turn to at anytime for technical support. Regardless of being an installation query, a product configuration or an AVG technical related question we are here to take the stress out of your life and make sure you are fully protected.

AVG Advisor

AVG Advisor is a new proactive service that constantly monitors the computer and advises the user with solutions on various computer problems they may have. We know that many of our customers have browsers and other applications open for many hours without knowing these applications are constantly consuming the available memory of their PC. Over time, the available memory becomes low and causes the computer to slow down. AVG Advisor will help with such problems by advising you of the potential issue and helping you to rectify it.

Minimum System Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Disk Free Space: 1000 MD HDD

Recommended System Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Disk Free Space: 1550 MD HDD

Operating Systems

  • MS Windows XP
  • MS Windows XP Pro x64 Edition
  • MS Windows Vista
  • MS Windows Vista x64 Edition
  • MS Windows 7
  • MS Windows 7 x64 Edition

Web Browser

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox


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